Maggie Poetz, founder of 

Healthy Home Healthy You By Maggie LLC, specializes in helping others uncover and eliminate common household practices that can be making them or their loved ones sick. Many of these common practices have the serious potential of a negative impact on both short and long term health.

Maggie found out the hard way. She went doctor to doctor with debilitating symptoms, becoming more and more stressed and overwhelmed – without getting results.  Her personal journey is the catalyst for her passion to empower everyone to change their homes and regain their precious health violated by today’s environmental toxins. Upon regaining her health and wanting to share this experience with others Maggie then founded Healthy Home Healthy You By Maggie LLC.

As a Professional and Licensed Interior Designer of many years, Maggie furthered her education in an effort to understand what was making her sick, so she could comprehend and correct what apparently the medical community could not.

Maggie furthered her education in an effort to understand what was making her sick. Becoming a “Certified Green Building Professional”, with specialized studies that include a German curriculum from The International Institute for Bau-Biologie & Ecology, Inc., receiving her BBEC, Bau Biology & Ecology Consultant and further studies include becoming a Certified LEED, Applied Professional in the field of Leadership in Energy Efficient Design by the United States Green Building Council.

As a result of her never-ending commitment to the health and well-being of her clients, Maggie has developed her step by step program to change  their toxic home environments to a vibrant healthy home and thus regaining their health and the health of their loved ones. Maggie has helped clients from around the globe including United States, South America, Canada.

Maggie enjoys speaking to intimate groups as well as large audiences. She draws you in with her interactive, engaging style. You cannot help but feel and hear Maggie’s passion to help you create your own healthy home and living legacy for years to come.

Her mission is to lead the war on environmental toxins in the home and empower everyone with the tools to achieve a healthy home of their own. Find out more www.healthyhomebymaggie.com

Maggie’s gift for you…

“healthy home today… healthy you tomorrow.”